TES Affiliate Conference Lisbon|Cascais 28 February - 2 March 2020


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Sponsored Affiliate Passes available from November 4th, 2019.

Applications for sponsored affiliate passes for the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28 February 2020 until 02 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais will be accepted starting November 4th, 2019.

To see if you qualify for a sponsored affiliate pass for the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference, please visit https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/affiliate-guide/

Please make sure to apply for your sponsored affiliate pass early since there will only be 2,200 entrance tickets available for this upcoming edition of the TES Affiliate Conferences. Late applications will not be considered.


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TES Affiliate Conferences adds low-cost Expo Spaces for Start-Ups

In order to provide start-ups with a better chance to also be able to participate in the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28 February 2020 until 02 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais, TES Affiliate Conferences has decided to add 14 brand new, low cost Silver exhibition spaces to their exhibition space portfolio. These brand new exhibition spaces are  mainly targeted towards start-ups and first time sponsors in order to allow them to participate in and experience the TES Affiliate Conference in Lisbon-Cascais with a limited financial risk before potentially investing into larger exhibition spaces in the future. 

2 out of the 14 new exhibition spaces have already been sold, so hurry up in case that you are interested. 

You can find an overview over the still available brand new Silver exhibitor spaces here (see page 2.0): https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/floorplan-2020-lis/
Should you be interested in one of the brand new low-cost Silver exhibition spaces, please contact andreas@tesaffiliateconferences.com at your very earliest convenience.


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TES Exhibitor Packages at a Glance

You are not sure which exhibitor package is the right one for you at the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28. February 2020 until 02. March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais? No problem, to help you in your decision process we have created an easy one page exhibition space overview: https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/files/uploads/TES_Affiliate Conference_Sponsorships_Comparison_Overview.pdf

Here you can find the most relevant information condensed to just one page.

And should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact andreas@tesaffiliateconferences.com at any point in time. We are here to help you find the most suitable exhibition space for your enterprise.

Our latest expo floor plans you can find here:

TES 2020 LIS:

TES 2020 PRG:



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In this presentation, you will be able to see how is the TrafficManager Affiliate Platform working, know all its features, learn how to use it for your business niche, share your opinion about the features that we have and ask all your related questions about the product.
If you have already or intend to start your own Ad Network, Affiliate Network, if you are a Media Buyer or you need to start an Affiliate Program to sell your own products, this is a must-see panel for you, it doesn't matter if you work in the Adult or Mainstream industry!

Presented by:  

- Simovici Florin, Ceo, Traffic Manager LTD
- Francesco Montanari, CTO, Traffic Manager LTD 


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Yuval will be discussing the Black Label solution offered by Streamate. This is a fully integrated product which works as part of the affiliate's website. Black label offers zero traffic leak and a guaranteed best in the industry conversion and retention.
Black Label is used now by leading tube sites like Pornhub, Redtube, SpankBang, Porn dot com and others. Do not miss this opportunity. Be a part of this ultimate cams solution.

In this presentation we will review advantages of Black Label and different features, as well as different implementation done by our partners.


Presented by:  Yuval Kijel, Director, Streamate



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You’ve been struggling to make a sale since you started affiliate marketing.
You’ve read countless stories about affiliate marketers who net thousands of dollars in commissions in
just a few days.
I bet you’re asking yourself what you are doing wrong.
But then, it is beyond what you are doing wrong or right. The key is a couple of secrets no one is sharing
with you.
Yes, a couple of secrets!
Information is what sets a successful affiliate marketer apart.
It isn’t about you not doing enough or spending more time. It is about understanding certain factors that
have contributed to the success of high earning affiliate marketers.
So, what then are these secrets?

Presented by:  Anna Gita, CEO, MaxWeb Inc


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.Mobile Monetization 2020
- mobile web vs apps
- cpl/cpi/cpa vs revhsare
- which GEOs are hot
- Trafficsources
- Ad formats

and all you need to be successfull in the mobile adult industry


Presented by:  Andy Wullmer, CEO Mobile, TrafficPartner



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How to benefit from the millions of free visitors Google is sending to ecommerce stores.
How to get a piece of the search traffic pie. If you're not optimizing your brand for search, you are literally losing a lot of money.
Search traffic accounts for the majority of traffic worldwide. 51% of global web traffic comes from search and if you're not optimizing for it you're missing out big time.


Presented by:  Hassan Aanbar, Founder at Bright Leads Media, Bright Leads Media, Inc




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ClickAdilla, a diamond sponsor of TES, attend this great show again! Clickadilla ad network provides traffic worldwide: over 2 billion unique visitors per month. Ad formats: banner, popunder, In-stream, web push, native and tab links. Payment models: CPM and CPC Min bid starts at $0.005 Own and ever-growing base of push-subscribers - over 65 million. Smart-rotator for push-notifications and banners. We would be pleased to meet you and discuss partnership possibilities. You can find us at lounge 70. See how it was last fall in Prague.



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Did you arrived early in Cascais? Don´t spend your time alone in Cascais! Come and join us for the official MojoCloud early bird happy hour!


Sponsored by: MojoHost, MojoCDN, MojoCloud



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An intimate and exclusive event for owners and top executives of pay site-specific businesses. This meets up will allow seasoned veterans of the industry a platform to discuss common challenges and opportunities and learn from each others’ experiences and perspectives.
Email sam@mrskin.com to request an invite. Numbers are limited to 15-20 attendees so inclusion is not guaranteed.

Sponsors: Mrskin



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Being an affiliate is one of the most exciting things I've done in my life, however, with the thrill comes the realization that our dynamic world is unstable.

As an affiliate you are doing money by selling others products and services- the benefit is clear- we will always focus on profitable offers without any contract or stocks cost to pay, you can start even with low budget (but with the right motivation) and grow up to even 7 figure monthly in ads spend. With this comes the biggest cone of being an affiliate- you are the owner of nothing- you don’t have any assets. The minute you stop advertising - your income stops. 

We are living in a super fast-changing industry, nothing and no one safe, we are currently ongoing and exciting race after the next lead, with that we have to guarantee our tomorrow.

For a long time, I knew I have to come up with something more stable.

MagicAdz started as an internal solution to CherryPop’s need for a quality ads intelligence tool allowing us to streamline our work process and have a business advantage in the Affiliate marketing industry.

When we shared the tool with some of our closest friends in the industry we were taken aback by their positive response and realized we were onto something much bigger.”Most entrepreneurs don’t begin their journey by falling in love with the problem—they begin by falling in love with the solution.” It was this moment I had this spark, I understood- this is our way to take advantage of our experience and knowledge we achieved throw the years and put the seeds for  a sure income

On this talk we’d go over the process I passed from being an affiliate into co-funding profitable Saas company

Main points to discuss:

Taking your tools as an affiliate to start earning fast- as an affiliate you come with a different point of view on the sales process- you know that every lead has to convert. 
Use your Affiliate connection to build a strong brand and network around you  - at the first beginning we let people talk about us, newsletters, provide free content, create a community - skype and telegram groups, and more to come.
The whole design of the tool is based on our knowledge as an affiliate-
Think outside the box, our skils as an affiliate can benefit in so many directions it doesn’t have to be just an affiliate tool it can be anything that you recognize as a need
Creativity!!! it’s important- Just like in the process of creating a campaign. Don’t just copy-paste other’s ideas. Create the idea that people will want to copy.
Do things with passion (nothing will move if you don’t have this inner fire to make you work.
Chose the right people to be your partners and the correct people to work with you, you have good instincts- use them to find the best team to run with you.
Start small- like in campaigns, and build it brick after brick.
 It’s not just following your experience, its about building a new one. To become a Company owner you will have to face new challenges and to be open mind about them ( for example- as an affiliate you tend to advertise in one way, as a company, well it’s a new world of branding to learn)

 Take calculated risks- just like affiliates- who dare- win.


Presented by:  Omri Gal, Co-Founder, MagicAdz


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Brand Bidding on Google Ads is the ""Goldmine"" that everyone knows about but no-one is talking about! See how this simple strategy could sky-rocket your performance, through real-world case studies from our own dating brands. Plus, how strategies like this and others demonstrate The Power of Tail Sales in the Dating Industry, to allow you to grow smarter and faster.


With insights from our own Google Ads Expert, Tom Marsh.


Presented by: Charis Demetriou, CEO, Elevven



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