Занимательные Диалоги С Саппортами

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Дорогие друзья! Мы все не Эйнштейны, за редким исключением (здесь присутствующих). И когда мемберы проявляют клиническую тупость, это еще фифти-фифти - им за это не платят.

Иное дело люди, которых признали...ну, кем признали, тем признали.

Надо сказать - иных уж нет а те далече многие ники саппортов - ну по крайней мере мне - более не встречаются.

Ну, я начну.


Это я всего-то хотела спросить, видно ли меня или нет.


Me : hi

support : Hello I am (x).

support: How can I help?

Me : people say they cant see me in pvts, see? a whole lot of a 5 secs privates

Me :  its their side? you see me?

me: ntmu i am (x)
Support : Let me check this for you.

You : ty
Support : Thank you for your patience. I have checked, and you do have some really short privates,
but if you experience the same again please tell the member to go contact us, so my colleagues can help her.

Me: wait, you see me ?  

Me : im visible?

Me : now

Suport : Let me check this.

(время идет...)

Support : Thank you for your patience.
Support : May I ask you to please relog into your account?

You : you mean you do not see me right now , do you?

(отчаялась и перезашла)


me : i restarted, do you see me now at all, or not?

Support : I can see you now.

Me : before - you could not?

Me : allow me to come back to this talk after he goes ty

Support : No, before this you were not visible.

Support : Okay, take your time.
Me : ok this seems to be all for now


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Пару слов о бана aka мьюте на Жасе и том, что Жас не может, увы, даже заткнуть им рот. Неужели серьезные айтишники вместо зарабатывания денег ищут способ писать гестами? Может, уволенные сотрудники гадят?



Support : Hello this is (имя)
Support : How may I help you?
You : i have a hater/stalker who lately fails to be muted

You :  ntmu i am helen

You : he is g1 now

You :  cna you plz monitor my room?

Support : Sure I'm in there already.

You : and plz

You : block the underage as well?

You : look, ill try to mute g1 and let ssee, he will keep talking
You : just look iam muting him now

You : you see?

You : talking

You : this is not the 1st or 2nd time with him

Support : What do you mean exaclty?:
Support: Which message you found offensive.

You : i am talking about g1`

You : well he will get offensive no worries, he is bipolar

You :  what worries me is

You :  that i mute him

You :  and never

You :  he gets nuted

You :  today or nt today
You : this shouldnt happen should it?

You : look, starting to talk irrelevcant shit , soon starting to troll decent people

You : soon proceding to hate speech

Support : How long you want me to ban your guests 30 or 60 minutes?

You :  just 1 of them!

You : or no option technically?

Support : He will come back in that case under an other name.

You : oh really

You : why he does it and others never?
You : any idea or its too complicated ?

Suport : There are some weird members on the site and we can't entirely clear them from the site.

Support : Unfortunately in the adult industry it happens sometimes.

You : actually 1 of your colleagues did block him but i forgot who had tha magic power

You :  yes plz mute them all then

You :  thank you very much

Support : Thanks for yoru patience they are banned for 30 minutes.

You : thank you

Support : Please visit us again if it happens later.

You : are you  here in 30 min  , not going?

Gareth : Any of my colleagues will gladly help you if the guest comes back.
Support : thank you , can you please leave a note in my page and maybe say he is guest1?

You : bcz he normally is

Support : Yeah the note is already there no worries :)

You : thank you very much

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Это я искала непришедшие платежи.


Welcome to the Online Help Center!
You: hi
Maya: Hello, what can I do for you?
You: it seems some of my earnings are missing, lets check what that could be
You: 1st July i got 163
You: was expecting 53 for 1-15 June and 234 end of June
You: plz check
Maya: Please be assured that the amount you can see in your account is always the actual correct amount.
You: i got 163
You: i didnt receive neither 53 nor 234
You: plz check my stats ok? do you see 53 and 234?
Maya: Checking
You: ty
Maya: And may I ask where exactly the problem is?
You: yyou  see i was supposed to receive 53 and 234, right?
You: you see those numbers in my stats, right?
You: havent received that amount
You: got 163
You: do you need a screenshot?
You: of my epayservice ?
You: you there?
Maya: Yes, I am checking your data.
You: thanks
You: i appreciate
Maya: As I can see according to the system your last payout is correct,
Maya: it consists of the 53 and the 234$.
You: what date was it sent plz?
You: i dont find that one im afraid but tell me when it was issued i ll doublecheck
Maya: Checking that
You: ty
Maya: The last payout has not been sent, it has pending status.
You: why so? is there a solution?
Maya: The last transferred payout was that of May 16-31 2018 with 216$
Maya: In your account you have the option to withdraw that payout.
Maya: The Jun 16-30 2018 I mean
You: its late IMHO, officially it 10th and i havent yet received
You: what shuold i do? click something manually?
Maya: Yes, you can click it manually.
You: what, how and where?
Maya: As the automatic immediate payout is inactive, you wither clock it manually, or wait to receive in a standard way.
You: ok plz explain how and where bcz i havent done that before
Maya: If you receive it in a standard way it is due on 25th July
You: ok plz explain how, thanks
You: what exactly to do?
Maya: A Studio can withdraw his payment immediately after the period closure, for a fee of 1% of the payout amount, minimum $5, maximum $150.
You: could you plz explain to me what and where i should click?
Maya: he Withdrawn payment is executed within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.
Maya: If you choose this you can just click the button in the studio account next to the payout.
Maya: "Withdraw" button
You: ok i ll save those lines
Maya: Okay
You: do you have any idea why normally it was sent automatically and this time no?


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Меня под конец уже потряхивать начало, дыдыдыдыдыды вот так :bash:

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Valentine : Hello, I'm Valentine, how may I help you? :)

You : hi Valentine, i am (myself)
You :  i dont like what 1 of the members has just said

You : i think this sholud not happen

You :  let me quote

Valentine : Nice to meet you, Helen.

You : (member name): you look great ,... i need to get cc of my mother to buy credit .brb

Valentine : What is it that you don't like about this comment? :)
You : and you , do you like when  a child is stealing a parent's card to pay for the service?

You : i wil not blaim the poor single mother when there is the chargeback

Valentine : This may be an assumption only, no? Perhaps the Mother is aware of this?

You : well, i wanted to inform you

You : i find it unlikely but who knows...

(эта Валя отошла, видимо получила взбучку от вышестоящих и вернулась)


Valentine : Thank you for contacting us with your concern :) I hope everything will be alright and there won't be any chargeback.

You : hope there wil be no chargebacks at all ! ;)

You : bye for now , ty

Valentine : Allow me a few moments, I will check it for you.

Valentine : Thank you very much, once again, we will take the case and take the necessary steps.

You : thank you ! this seems to be all for now, bye , have a lovely day online!

Valentine : You're welcome :) I wish you the same!

Valentine : Bye-bye.


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Эта Валя:lol:

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В привате


You : quite urgent

You : you here

You : ?

You : urgent!
Nico : Hi, Nico's here.

You : hi

You :  htis is the situation

You :  member

You :  wants to buy me

You :  the interactive toy

You :  plz gve the link wher to buy

You :  in engish

(Идет, идет время)
You : you understand the question excvuse me?

Nico : Of course, hold on.

Nico : Thank you for your kind patience.

You : yw

Nico : Via this page you can find any information about the toy
Nico : http://wiki.jasmin.com/display/EW/VibraToy

You : you cant give the link ?

You : wher to buy

You :  he is in uk

Nico : Sure, it's also here:

Nico : http://www.lovense.com/guide/nora

You : as far asi know

You : i see in russian

You :  you see it in russian? so will he?

Nico : Hold on, let me double check it.
You : ok

Nico : Thank you for your kind patience again.

Nico : Vibratoy Nora is compatibile all over the world.

You : its ok

You : the link

You :  i see

You :  n russian

You : the one you sent me

You : what language do you see it in?

You : that lnk

Nico : In English.

You : ok

You :  so he can pay there?

Nico : Oh well, hold on, I think I misunderstood. So the member would like to buy you a vibratoy and give it to You?

You : absolutely

Nico : It's really nice from your member, but unfortunately, such an offer would lead to a serious violation,
because you would need to change contact in order to get it, but it's forbidden, to offer or accept any kind of personal contacts,
real adresses, phone number, e-mail adresses, facebook, twitter account, ect.

Nico : It's because we can't protect You outside of Jasmin.


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Там линк автоматом переадресовывается на русский для рф, на французский для френчей. Просто вбей ловенс.ком он тебя отредиректит на ру.ловенс.ком

Но вот это:



Nico : It's really nice from your member, but unfortunately, such an offer would lead to a serious violation,
because you would need to change contact in order to get it, but it's forbidden, to offer or accept any kind of personal contacts,
real adresses, phone number, e-mail adresses, facebook, twitter account, ect.

Nico : It's because we can't protect You outside of Jasmin.


пиздец :facepalm:

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Странно, что вообще не заблокировали за такие признания) Контакты же запрещены.

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Волга, пусть просто бабло кидает на игрушку и все (сама купишь)

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